Our Wellbeing Partners

At Twin Rivers Retreat we pride ourselves on using as many local businesses and practitioners as possible in the running of our wellness retreats, as such we make sure those which we provide and endorse to you  have excellent reputations within our beautiful Clarence Valley.  You can rest assured that our partners are the best in their fields and we are proud to introduce you to them.





























Sharon Hale - 

Sharon is a holistic wellness practitioner with over 18 years experience in the Natural Therapies industry specialising in kinesiology, massage therapy and reflexology.  Sharon will assist you to achieve a greater sense of balance and health from a holistic standpoint, taking into account your physical, nutritional, emotional, energetical and spiritual wellness needs.


Sian - 

Sian a Clairvoyant,Clairaudient and Clairsentient Channel has over 40 years experience in her modality and will be available on a personal basis and for workshops at Twin Rivers Retreat. Assisting those seeking to reconnect to the Source through Guides and Angels. Sian works as a time track reader / healer, assisting many in personal self healing. Teaching Vibrational toning, sacred mantra, the act of Meditation, colour therapy, along with a deep understanding of chakras in relationship to the bodies wellness. In association with a holistic approach, to advance self connection to higher states of consciousness through self transformation, personal growth and expansion. Sian teaches about universal energy through meditation, tone, colour and vibration to reveal deeper insights, for the attainment of spiritual knowledge and personal advancement. 

There She Glow’s Beauty - 

Sarah and her team do mobile beauty treatments, facials, body scrubs, pedicure, manicure, waxing and tinting. Available for all retreats.

Please contact us at Twin Rivers Retreat if you wish to use any of our Wellbeing Partners during your stay.

+61 (0) 478 160 349

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